Friday 26 December 2014

Have you ever thought your phone conversations can automatically be recorded? Or any discussion you just had with your friend, relative, or from your family member that can be cherished? Yes, now you can track all your important records that you fail to remember, capture all your joys by using a call recorder application. Also, these kinds of applications are now available for your devices.

The only call recording app which is highly rated and popular and works on every android phone, tablet is none other than the Total Recall call recorder android app. This app is incomparable which comes with a trial period for 30 days and it comprise of smart features that mechanically tracks both sided conversations i.e. outgoing and incoming calls.  This app is highly flexible which allows you to customize the options of either recording only incoming calls or outgoing calls. Also you can ignore recording of all contacts. Is in it wonderful! Along with flexible options, you get the excellent recording quality of audio voices and calls with extreme clarity. This app also allows you to record calls with beep free noise and with a low volume level.

Total Recall is one of the most downloaded call recorder app designed for Android smartphones, and this app is attuned with all versions of Android including Lollipop. Get its latest version 2.0.24 downloaded from Play Store. As mentioned, this app not only records call conversations, but it also records voice notes such as songs, lectures, meetings, speeches, interviews, conferences, or any other audio notes via Microphone.
When you have hordes of recorded files on your device, it may happen that your device storage space may run out of space. In such case, you can store and upload all these recorded voice notes and calls on the server, including sound cloud, Evernote, Gmail inbox, Google drive and Dropbox. The type of recorded files may be of AMR, MP3, 3GPP, MP4 and WAV. Besides, recording audios and voices from your phone, you can also secure them by using password protection option.
One very unique feature of this call recorder android app is it allows you to create folders by name, so that you can easily arrive at the particular recording that you are looking for. This saves lots of time of the users. Moreover, you can also search recordings by filtering them by name, by date.
This app is easy to download and install, and it comes with easy user interface which allows any common users to run this app without any issue and problems. Once you get this app installed, you first need to confirm one most important thing. Make sure whether this app is compatible with your device or not, if not or if you are unsure, then, prefer using its 30 days trial version. The good thing about this app is it does not flash any annoying advertisements. So, you can easily work with this app.
So, get this call recorder app downloaded at the earliest and experience its working by using free 30 days trial version. For any info and details, you can also connect support team via email or forum posting.


  1. Thanks For Sharing,

    I must say it's cool call recorder android app, amazing sound quality which i have missed by some another apps.
    It works awesome on my Nexus 5 with lollipop 5.0.1

  2. Your information about recording apps is really interesting. Also I want to know the latest updates about this apps.!!

  3. Your information about recording apps is really interesting. Now i am using this recording calls app last 8 month. Its truly great application.!! i like this app

  4. I want to say this app is best so far, there i used so many call recorder from playstore and none of them work perfect but this call recorder record call very clearly. thanks